SteamGridDB FAQ

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My asset is too small to be uploaded as a grid. What should I do?

Please do not upload it as a logo, or use a conventional upscaling method (e.g. bicubic, bilinear) to bring it to full resolution. Both of these cases will be deleted.

Instead, consider recreating the asset in a higher resolution or using an AI upscaler like waifu2x or bigjpg. If they too produce undesirable results, the asset might be too low quality to include on the site.

I'm reporting an asset. What information do I need to make clear?

In addition to the report reason and description, we receive your profile name and the ID of the asset being reported.

If you are reporting a duplicate, please include a link to or ID of the duplicate asset. Likewise, if you are reporting incorrect metadata, include whatever fixes have to be made.

A description that is simply "dupe" is unhelpful, because we will then have to find the duplicate asset ourselves. However, a description that is simply "blurred" is enough to indicate that the asset's style needs to be changed to Blurred.

I'm reporting an asset. Am I anonymous?

We receive your SteamGridDB profile when you report an asset.

Consider yourself anonymous when making a report; while action will be taken against report abuse, your name will never be made visible to the uploader of the reported asset or anyone else outside of the moderation team.

A game is missing from the database. How do I add it?

When you submit an asset, after adding an image, a link will appear in the window titled: "Game you want not listed? Click here to request it!" This will take you to the page where you can request a game. All requests are manually approved.

This link will take you directly to that page: /request-game

How do I apply horizontal grids in the new Steam library?

  • Method 1

    Launch the game so it's visible as the most recent in Home > Recent Games, then right-click to change the artwork in the same way you would change a vertical grid.

  • Method 2

    Browse to C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\userdata\[your id]\config\grid and place the grid in that directory as [AppID].png or [AppID].jpg

How do I find a game's AppID?

A Steam game's AppID is the number in its Store URL, i.e.[AppID]

For a non-Steam game, you can find its AppID either by visiting its screenshots folder, which will be [...]\760\remote\[AppID]\screenshots, or by creating a desktop shortcut, which will point to the URL steam://rungameid/[AppID]

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