The Tetris Project

In the words of the our resident Tetris expert, "Every version of Tetris is getting a grid, hero, and logo".

Use the #tetris-project channel in our Discord for questions or discussion.


  1. Use proper aspect ratios and scaling.
  2. Don't include platform-specific logos or banners.
  3. Don't include any ratings board logos.

Good Example - Bad Example


  • All asset types complete.
  • Partially finished.
  • No progress made.

We are only tracking progress on Alternate Grid/Hero styles, and Official/Custom logos.



    Game Grid Hero Logo
    3 min. Tetris
    3D-Tetris (1996)
    Antitetrise (2018)
    Arcade Bank 3 Minute Tetris
    Arcade Classics Tetris
    Arcade Legends Tetris
    Bastet (Bastard Tetris) (2004)
    Big Screen Tetris
    CPlay TV Legends Tetris
    Faces...tris III
    Family Tetris
    Groovin' Tetris
    Hentai Tetris
    In-Flight Tetris
    Kids Tetris
    Lighted Tetris
    Magical Tetris Challenge
    Micro Arcade Tetris
    Mini Tetris
    Mini Tetris 2
    Minna no Tetris
    Net Tetris
    Not Tetris 2 (2011)
    Osanpo Tetris
    Pocket Tetris
    Pocky Tetris
    Pokémon Tetris
    Puyo Puyo™Tetris® (2018)
    Sega Ages 2500 Series Vol. 28: Tetris Collection
    Sega Tetris
    Sextris (SNES)
    Sextris Effect (2019)
    Shockwave Tetris
    Super Tetris
    Super Tetris 2 + Bombliss
    Super Tetris 3
    SuperLite 1500 Series: The Tetris
    Tetris & Dr. Mario
    Tetris (Atari Games)
    Tetris (Bullet-Proof Software)
    Tetris (CDI)
    Tetris (CyberPop!)
    Tetris (Dragon)
    Tetris (EA 2011 J2ME)
    Tetris (EA 2011)
    Tetris (EA)
    Tetris (Ericsson T28)
    Tetris (Famicom)
    Tetris (Freeview)
    Tetris (Gameboy)
    Tetris (Gameloft)
    Tetris (GoPlayTV)
    Tetris (GoSAT)
    Tetris (Handmark)
    Tetris (HbbTV)
    Tetris (IBM DOS)
    Tetris (iPod)
    Tetris (Mazooma)
    Tetris (Messenger)
    Tetris (Mirrorsoft)
    Tetris (N3TWORK)
    Tetris (NEC Mini5)
    Tetris (Nintendo)
    Tetris (Oasys)
    Tetris (PlayStation 3)
    Tetris (PlayStation Portable)
    Tetris (Retro-Bit Go Retro! Portable)
    Tetris (Roku)
    Tetris (Sega) (1988)
    Tetris (Sharp Wizard)
    Tetris (Toshiba J-3100)
    Tetris (WonderSwan Color)
    Tetris (yoomedia)
    Tetris 10x10
    Tetris 1to3
    Tetris 2
    Tetris 2 (Fuxoft)
    Tetris 2 + Bombliss
    Tetris 2002
    Tetris 2008 (2008)
    Tetris 360
    Tetris 4D
    Tetris 64
    Tetris 99
    Tetris Advance
    Tetris Attack
    Tetris Battle
    Tetris Battle (Facebook)
    Tetris Battle 2P
    Tetris Battle Drop
    Tetris Battle Fusion
    Tetris Battle Gaiden
    Tetris Black
    Tetris Blast
    Tetris Blitz
    Tetris Blockout
    Tetris Blue
    Tetris Burst
    Tetris Cascade
    Tetris Challenge
    Tetris Classic
    Tetris Crystal
    Tetris Deluxe
    Tetris Diamond
    Tetris Dimensions
    Tetris DJ
    Tetris Docomodake
    Tetris DS
    Tetris DS (THQ)
    Tetris DX
    Tetris Elements
    Tetris Evolution
    Tetris EXTREME
    Tetris for Palm
    Tetris for Plus e
    Tetris for Pocket PC
    TETRIS for Windows
    Tetris for Windows CE
    Tetris for Zaurus
    Tetris Friends
    Tetris Game Watch
    Tetris Gems
    Tetris Giant
    Tetris Gold
    Tetris Gold (G-Mode)
    Tetris Green
    Tetris I.Q.
    Tetris II
    Tetris II Special Edition
    Tetris Illuminated Mega Screen
    Tetris Journey
    Tetris Jr.
    Tetris Jr. 2
    Tetris Jr. III
    Tetris Kentei
    Tetris Kentei Ranking
    Tetris Kiwamemichi
    Tetris League
    Tetris M1ND BEND3R
    Tetris Mania
    Tetris MicroCard
    Tetris Mission 2004
    Tetris Mission 2005
    Tetris Mission 2006
    Tetris Mission 2008
    Tetris Mission 2009
    Tetris Mission 2010
    Tetris Monsters
    Tetris N-Blox
    Tetris Nano
    Tetris Online Japan: Minna de Tetris
    Tetris Outdoor
    Tetris Party
    Tetris Party Deluxe
    Tetris Plus
    Tetris Plus 2
    Tetris POP
    Tetris Quiz
    Tetris Red
    Tetris Remix
    Tetris Revolution
    Tetris Royale
    Tetris S
    Tetris Splash
    Tetris Super Jackpots
    Tetris The Absolute The Grand Master 2
    Tetris The Grand Master
    Tetris The Grand Master 3 Terror-Instinct
    Tetris The Grand Master 4 The Masters of Round
    Tetris The Grand Master Ace
    Tetris the Star
    Tetris Time
    Tetris Tournament for Prizes
    Tetris TV
    Tetris Twin
    Tetris Twist
    Tetris VS
    Tetris VS (Dragon)
    Tetris with Cardcaptor Sakura ~ Eternal Heart
    Tetris Worlds
    Tetris Worlds (Hangame)
    Tetris X
    Tetris Zone
    Tetris: Axis
    Tetris: Rosy Retrospective (2021)
    Tetris: The Soviet Mind Game
    Tetris® Effect
    Tetris® Ultimate (2015)
    TETURSS (2017)
    The New Tetris
    The Next Tetris
    The Next Tetris: On-Line Edition
    Tiny Arcade Tetris
    Тетрис (Tetris): The Soviet Challenge
    Тетрис (Tetris): The Soviet Challenge (Tandy)